A wannabe mathematician/computer scientist, my hacking skills are completely self-taught. My interests lie mainly in machine learning and AI (thanks to my exposure to Lisp), and in applied math.

Thanks to resources such as Dive into Python, Bash Guide for Beginners (a lot of people don't like this book but it worked wonders on me), and Land of Lisp I managed to start learning some coding concepts and skills on my own.

I am currently based in Osaka, Japan, and when I'm not getting up at 3 AM to do my Ashtanga Yoga practice I'm either teaching the Mysore program at the shala I run with my wife, Ashtanga Yoga Center Osaka, or in some random cafe boning up on my math and hacking.

Tech Stack

Languages Tools
[Common Lisp] [Hunchentoot]
[Ruby] [Sinatra]
[Python] [Django]
[JavaScript] [JQuery]
[JQ Mobile]


Commercial Personal
[Jekyll] This site [Common Lisp] Salt-n-Pepper

- an RC4 implementation

[Django] Yoga Momo [Common Lisp] Soma RSS

- an RSS feed creator for Jekyll-powered sites

[Django] The Wheat Grass Specialists [Common Lisp] Locker

- my version of LastPass for the Desktop (CLI and GUI)

[Django] The Italian Food Specialists [Common Lisp] Ganesh

- Spaced-Repition-Software (not working and abandonware)

Public Profiles and Repos:

You can reach me at mozart@mozartreina.com